October 5, 2011

It's Showtime!

People (in general) think toddlers and preschoolers are cute, and because they think these little people are so cute, they like to use them for show.  Now these same people are usually only seeing the little people for a few minutes at a time, sort of like an audition, I suppose. So they see cute and assume that the little person is cute 24/7.

PDub is cute.  Cute as a button.  He has grown into this little expressive fellow with a winning smile and friendly demeanor.  So he has been recruited for some performances where cute is required. 

The first was an unveiling of a portrait of his great grandfather in a pretty auspicious ceremony.  Now I am certain that the attendees were hanging on every word of the three speeches that preceded the actual unveiling.  PDub was not as impressed.  Of course, we knew a three year old's attention span might not last for, oh, more than five minutes, so we had a plan B.  Mama at Law would take him into a back hall and entertain him with an iPad or iPhone until curtain call.  Problem was, Mama at Law, picked up a stomach bug on the way to the courthouse and was throwing up whilst trying to entertain P.  Poor Mama at Law.  She told PDub that 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' made her feel better, so while she heaved, P sang. 

 When they were summoned for the unveiling, you would have never suspected the mayhem that had been going on backstage.  His performance was flawless.  He waited for his cue, gently pulled off the velvet veil, and pronounced, "ta da!" for the waiting eyes.  He waved sweetly to his great grandfather who beamed with pride and then Mama at Law escaped out the back door to continue her battle of the bug.

Next performance? The wedding of his uncle.  PDub will be appearing in tuxedo and carrying a ring.

Need cute?  Call his agent.

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