October 25, 2010

Hoppy Halloween!

With all the excitement of Halloween around every corner, I bet you were expecting a post about Halloween books!  Well, I hate to disappoint you, but as much as I love Halloween, PDub is hot on the bunny trail of a different subject right now. 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Commemorative Edition (Potter)
Peter Rabbit. 
Yep, about as anti Halloween as it gets.  

Mama at Law reports that PDub has to have four particular books read to him every night at bedtime.  To feed his cravings for this newest obsession, she reads Peter Rabbit,  The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.  I had never heard of the Fierce Bad Rabbit, so I did some investigating and discovered that it is one of the shorter books written in the Peter Rabbit set.  It is about  two rabbits, one good and one nasty rabbit bully.  The bully steals the good rabbit's carrot.  If you object to hunters and guns, the resolution to this conflict may make you wince, but rest assured that no rabbit is harmed in the making of this tale.  It just raises a little fur in the end.  (Read the book to get the pun there.)   The power of books is that they transcend all time and borders.  Beatrice was raised in Victorian England.  She did not receive a formal education, but was schooled at home by governesses.  Art was her love, and she painted what she saw, such as the little animals she and her brother kept in their little schoolroom at home.  Mice, lizards, snakes, and birds became her subjects against quaint landscapes that were part of her everyday view.  In 1893, she created the picture story of Peter Rabbit for a little boy who she knew had been ill for some time.  In 1902, she printed 200 copies herself and sold them for a shilling each!  I love that PDub can escape 2010, and go to that special place where Beatrice once dwelled and hear her small English voice speak to him from the pages of these classics. I also love that he loves it.  Mama at Law will love that there are 23 Beatrix Potter books, so 19 more to go! 

Hippity Hoppity and Happy Halloween~

October 18, 2010

My Little Pumpkin

PDub is so cute right now.  I can't help it.  He just is.  His family took a trip to Legare Farms for some good ole fashioned fall fun.  There was a playground, hayride, petting zoo, and horse rides.  Oh yeah, and pumpkins!  What a great experience for my little pumpkin!

Yee Haw!~

October 11, 2010

This is the book, My PDub got Hooked!

Such a Silly Baby!

When Mama at Law was expecting PDub, his Aunt Cat gave me a book for Mother's Day congratulating me on Grammyhood.  Now when PDub visits, he always sorts through the book basket and finds this book.  I can't give it a better endorsement than that!  And it just goes to show that books are a wonderful gift to expectant mommies and grammies!
Such a Silly Baby  is a rollicking rhyming tale of a hapless mommy who can't seem to go anywhere without having a hitch and getting baby switched!  He gets switched with the chimpanzee at the zoo, with the dancing bear at the circus, with a lazy sow at the farm, and with a buffalo at the Wild West show. Then, when she finally gets the child home for a nap, all the animals follow. What is it that PDub loves?  The animal sounds!  "Oo-oo-ee-ee! He got switched with a chimpanzee!" Each switch builds on the other.  "Grrrr Grrrr, Oo-oo ee-ee!"  Exercise your lungs while reading this one as the sounds continue to string together.  Add to the sounds, the colorful pictures, and you have such a silly book that no toddler will be able to resist it!
Thanks, Aunt Cat!  Oh, and by the way, with PDub, there was no hitch.  He didn't get switched!  Take one look at him, and you will agree...

Daddy at Law looks just like P!

~Such a silly... 

October 5, 2010

I've Been Working on the Railroad

Chugga Chugga Choo ChooAll aboard!  The train is leaving the station!  PDub was here for a visit with Grammy and Papallama, and Grammy got to take not one, but two terrific train trips!  The first was on Saturday at our town's Squealin on the Square.  (That's a smokin' hot BBQ competition and festival.)  The festival featured among other things, Thomas the Train.  Grammy and PDub took the trip with Thomas down the street and back.  Twice.  We waved at the pedestrians and Papallama.  Twice.

After deboarding, we used some of our 'que-pons' to buy PDub time on the bouncy rides.  At first, he was not sure what to do in the bouncy house until a bigger boy arrived on the scene, jumped in the house, and began to do Olympic flips before our very eyes.  PDub flashed his famous grin and joined in the bounciness.  Just when I thought he was ready to exit, he would make like Tigger, and turn tail and bounce away.  "Oh, he's going to take a big nap after all this," thought foolish Grammy.
Next was the giant slide.  Again, he had to watch once or twice.  Then he was off to the races!  From the flailing that occurred when we took him off, I gathered this was his favorite of all.  Move over, Thomas.

The rest of the festival sort of fizzled from a two year old's perspective.  Only a balloon from a local dance shop made the walk around the Square worth the trip.

And the nap? It never happened.  Papallama took PDub upstairs and read him some stories.  "Read some books to me," suggested Papallama.  PDub obliged until....zzzzzzzz....Papallama was fast asleep.....zzzzzzzz.
WAKE UP! yelled PDub.

The Goodnight TrainThe next train trip happened the very next day at a very nice park in a nearby town.  The whole family got in on this one. This little train runs on actual tracks, goes over a wooden train trestle and under a covered bridge.  It was a hoot.  Or maybe I should say, a toot!

PDub played some more on the playground right there next to the depot and impressed us all with his jumping skills and fearlessness.

And most of all, with his ability to do it all without a nap.  Now, excuse me, please.  I am needing mine.