July 9, 2010

He's Twoo! Twoo!

It's official! Today PDub is two years old!  Mama at Law describes him as WILD today, so he must be having lots of fun!  She has prepared birthday bash #2 for him to share with all his buds at daycare.  Cupcakes with trains, Thomas plates, kazoos, Cheetos, juices.  Party down, toddlers!

We observed his special day while we were together at the beach.  Keeping the Thomas the Train theme, I used primary colors of green, red, and blue.  Papallama graciously agreed to produce some computer generated train track for the placemats and the rest came from Party City.  We had a Thomas cupcake cake, old fashioned popcorn cooked by Jaybird, and those little bottles of Coke that taste so much better than the cans or plastic variety. 

Papallama picked out a cool Thomas the Train haunted mine piece for PDub's collection and we also gave him some much needed train track.  Aunt Cat and Uncle Jaybird gave him an amazing Bubble blower that really put out the bubbles as promised and a Winnie the Pooh kite to fly on the beach. 

PDub accepted his gifts the same way he accepts everything in life right now.  With enthusiasm, excitement, and endless energy.

So, join me, won't you?

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear PDuuuub!
Happy Birthday to you!

Now make a wish!


  1. What a fun birthday party! It looks like he is enjoying all of the special attention :)

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  3. Stopping by from SITS

    What fun! I had a Thomas Lover once, he is now 5, still likes it but we have moved on to Dinosaurs. It was much easier to learn all the trains names!

  4. Stopping by from SITS

    What a fun birthday he had! Hopefully that sugar rush didn't cause him to tear down the house. Oh who am I kidding, I have a toddler and they tear down the house regardless!