December 11, 2012


Sometimes the best books are the wordless ones.  That was the case this past weekend when I visited Baby Bird.  On display in his room was his new favorite book, Where's Walrus?, by Stephen Savage.  The adventure begins when a bored walrus escapes from his zookeeper and heads into the city.  He cleverly disguises himself in a number of urban locations before discovering an unknown talent...the high dive...for which he receives five 10s!  Baby Bird gave this book a ten, and I read it at least that many times or more.

Another recent addition to his library is Red Sled. This sweetly illustrated book consists of onomatopoeias to give life to a wild adventure on a red sled left outside by a child and discovered by her nature friends.  Get your sound effects ready when you 'read' this one!

The boys will all be together over the holidays, so my goal is to capture them all in a picture just being still for a split second to be in focus.  Is that too much to ask?