June 5, 2012

Here She Is...

The cabinet redo is slowing to a crawl and I am left with all the junk that I don't want to keep, but probably shouldn't throw out...or maybe I should...why is it so hard to just let it go?!!  Surely if I haven't used it, looked at it, or been asked for it in all these years, I don't need to keep it!

Like my sewing, please don't look too closely at my painting.  One of the knobs broke during installation and the screw is stuck.  Still trying to figure out how to remove the darn thing. In hindsight, I wish I had removed the doors completely.  In the future, I won't paint anything very large again.  Also, painted furniture chips.  Even with the best of care.  So primer, three coats, and three topcoats later, here is where she stands for now.