October 11, 2011


I love fall!  Finally, the humidity starts to subside and the world around me puts on a completely new costume to entertain me. One of my favorite fall activities when I was a little girl was going to the county fair.  Daddy-O would hand me a dollar's worth of dimes and I was set for the day! (Sometimes he might give me a few extra dimes if it was an exceptional fair.)  So, it should come as no surprise that when Mama Cat was born in October, Grammy did not let that keep the family from attending the State Fair with 2 week old in tow.  It must have made a lasting impression because Mama Cat is as crazy about fall and fairs as I am.  While two states separate us, we engaged in parallel fall excursions with our favorite pumpkineenies. 
Mama Cat took Baby Bird to the county fair!
How tall must you be for that ride?
Blue Ribbon Mommy

Baby Bird gives his day at the fair two dimples!
Grammy and PDub headed for the pumpkin patch!
Been a long time since Grammy took a hayride!
I have to admit that petting zoos aren't my favorite, but these three seem to enjoy it.
This is just the start to this wonderful season!  Still to come are so many possibilities...apple picking, mountain scenic tours, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and oh yeah, football...right, Papallama?

Go, Cocks, Go!

~Happy fall, y'all~

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