September 4, 2010

Cocky Rocks! (and Reads!)

For the last few months, Papallama has been very busy.  Busy reading articles about Gamecock football.  Busy watching interviews with Gamecock coaches and players.  Busy gathering his Gamecock football tickets and parking pass.  Busy gathering the tailgate paraphernalia.

And it was all worth it! The USC Gamecocks kicked off their season this week with a big win over Southern Mississippi.  The crowd was electric and the team showed great talent, execution, and teamwork. 

At the beginning of the game, it is tradition for the band to play the 2001 Space Odyssey with smoke and fireworks, but my favorite part is this. A cage with a black drape hanging down is rolled out onto center field.  Once in place, the drape is raised.  As the music reaches a crescendo, the cheerleaders and players run onto the field. 

But don't look there! Watch the draped cage!  Out of nowhere, it's COCKY!!  He magically appears in the cage and comes out fighting, ready for action!  Each game it's the same routine, and yet each time I am excited to see him make his magical appearance. 

I just learned that Cocky is working magic in another way.  He is traveling around our state to visit children in grades K through 3rd grade to teach them the importance of lifelong reading.
Why that age?  According to the USC School of Library and Information Science, "Research shows that if children acquire strong reading skills and a love of reading by the end of third grade they are more likely to succeed academically and graduate on time. " Wow! I mean really. Wow! The Cocky Reading  Express places emphasis on visiting 'underserved public schools', and the children are given a book to take home with them.  The Cocky Reading Express is already receiving recognition for the impact it is making on literacy. 

Now if you read this blog, you know that I will make sure that PDub loves to read.  But most of all, I will teach him that the alphabet begins with U S C!

I just want to thank Cocky for the magic...on and off the field. 

Cock a doodle doo!

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