October 23, 2011

Here's the Scoop!

When I went with PDub to the Pumpkin Patch, I had a blast.  On the way back to school (via the bus), I remarked to P that Grammy sure was 'pooped'.  His eyes got big as saucers and a little sly grin came on his face.  "Grammy pooped?!"  Immediately, I saw we had a communication issue.  "No, P, not 'pooped in the pants poop', TIRED poop."  He just looked puzzled and we dropped that subject like a sack of...oh, nevermind!

Well, later that day, PDub and I were back at Grammy's house hanging out in the yard and P decided he wanted to 'wake'. (translation: rake)  So we went in the garage and he grabbed up Grammy's pooper scooper rake and bucket.  Not wanting to deny my first grandson the pleasure of picking up poop in Grammy's yard, I played along.  Whenever PDub saw a pile, he would happily shout, "POOP AHOY!"  What a great attitude about such a nasty job. 

I told Mama at Law that I thought we should all take a lesson from PDub's attitude.  Whenever we are faced with a poopy job or challenge, let's just say, "Poop Ahoy!" and approach it with an attitude of discovery and accomplishment. 

Because in life, poop happens.

Poop ahoy, matey!

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