November 7, 2011


First the big news!  PDub's baby brother has a name!  Porter William.  Yes, there is a PDub II on the way!  Pretty cool that all the monogrammed bibs can have another go round. 

Mama Cat and I hosted a small gathering of friends and family this past weekend just to let Mama at Law know that we love her and PDub II.  We are very excited about his pending arrival in early early January, 2012. (or sooner)  Mama at Law has decided to coordinate the boys' rooms with a madras theme and we ran with that as the shower theme.  Working together by phone, internet, and mail, I think we did a pretty  good job tying it all together.  I wanted to share a few photos for folks who may be like me...looking for ideas that are easy! 

Mama Cat loves cake stands!  We used her collection to set up centerpieces on the tables.  See PDub II's name on display?  Mama Cat used the same fabric we used under the stands to make a wall hanging for his nursery!

We ordered plainly decorated cakes from Publix and added coordinating ribbon with double sided tape.  Since this is a second little baby boy, guests generously gave the gift of diapers and Mama Cat had diaper cakes in the centerpieces, too. 

Other decor included colorful napkins and utensils, mini milk bottles (recyled Starbucks bottles) with striped straws (Etsy) and baby shoes made from plain white cups and ribbon that served up some fresh fruit. 

It was all relatively simple and Mama at Law loved the chance to see hometown friends and special family members. 

Weekends like this warm the heart. 

Happy, sappy sigh~

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