December 2, 2010

He's Watching You!

I have been MIA for a few days, but I have been busy trying to get back into the swing of things at work since the Thanksgiving break.  As a virtual teacher, I don't have to worry about all the little excited kiddies running around driving me crazy, right?  HO HO HOld your horses.  I have been wished a Merry Christmas at least four times this week via the chat box.  So, yes, even virtual students are feeling the spirit!  And that's okay with me.

That goes right along with the book I just gave Mama at Law and Mama Cat.  I bought them the much hyped Elf on the Shelf that I have been hearing about and seeing in stores for a couple of years now.  I had been hoping to find a deal on it, since I knew $29 bucks was a bit of a gimmick. But that's a Grammy's job...spoiling the grands. 
The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole Pixie-Elf
They both loved it.  Papallama read the book and thought it was a really neat story idea.  Seems the little elf returns to the North Pole each night to give Santa a report.  (How did you think he could keep up with everybody?)  Each day the elf returns and the child wakes to find that he has moved to a new lookout location.  The children are warned not to touch the little sprite or his magic will disappear. 

That's cute enough.  I can remember thinking along those lines when I was little and it was Christmas time.  I sure felt "the eyes" were on me then more than any other time that I can remember.  Just an innocent child's imagination, right?

Well, go to Amazon and read the reviews!  I couldn't believe it when I read a review from a sister Grammy who said she had been admonished for sending her grandchild the wrong message.  She was instructed to return it to the store. Some reviewers reported being CREEPED OUT and SCARED! 


Have they seen the news lately?  No, I guess not. They would be a basket case.  Why just this morning, I saw where a college girl had been 'friended' on facebook by a phony sorority sister and asked to take a picture of herself with her unmentionables wadded up in her mouth.  Now THAT creeps me out!  The poor girl was so scared that she returned home for the semester and will go back in January to resume classes.  So, you people who are creeped out by a little toy elf...GET A GRIP!

Let me put it into perspective for you.

Facebook + sorority pledge + weirdo = Creepy
Book + toy + Christmas = Cheer
Now go be merry. And just remember...

He's got his eyes on you!


  1. I think some people get creeped out about traditional things because tradition include responsibility - responsibility that includes letting your children start handling grown up responsibilities like jobs at 14 or 15 so they can take care of themselves when they are 18.

    I think your book sounds magically fun! In the Christmasy-kind of way!

  2. The elf on the shelf sounds lovely! I frequently find myself wanting to be a child again at Christmas just because of things like that! Visiting from SITS :-)

  3. Mingling from Add a Pinch...
    We have an elf on the shelf and he works wonders for behavior. Thanks so much for all you do!