December 6, 2010

Snips, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

PDub was here for a sleepover this past weekend.  It went something like this. 

4:00 Arrive and scout out the house for anything that has changed since last visit.
4:00:01 See the Christmas tree and quickly discover he can crawl under it like a tunnel.
4:02 Go get toys to drag through the tunnel and put in the corner behind the tree.
4:02:30 Done with toys, move on to next room
4:03 Find Grammy's new bicycle

Get the drift? With PDub, it's go, go, go!

Barbie Collector 2010 Holiday DollSince I had two daughters, this boy business has been a new adventure for me.  Think boys and girls aren't wired differently at birth?  How about this?  I recently delivered all the Christmas Barbies we Santa had given Mama at Law over the years for her to store instead of me.  As she put them away, she decided to show one to PDub.  He picked up the Barbie, quickly threw her aside, and proceeded to use her doll stand as an excalibur. 

Yeah, he's all boy. 

Ten on the SledSo I think he will love this book. It's perfect for this time of year, and I think it will be a great holiday book that won't have to be put away with the decorations.   Ten on a Sled is a rollicking tale of ten wacky animals who go whipping down the hill together on the toboggan. One by one, they fall off the sled: "Seal spilled out," "hare hopped out," "sheep shot out,".  Ah, alliteration alert! There's counting, too, and PDub is a math wiz already.  It comes from all those times he hears his Daddy at Law say, "One.....TWO....."  But here's what PDub will LOVE...the silly animals created by illustrator, Liza Woodruff, the rhyme crafted by author, Kim Norman, but most of all, the

Oh, and if you've ever wondered what to give a teacher for Christmas, I suggest a book!  Better yet, give one to her school library in her honor!  I promise it will be money well spent and a gift much loved and appreciated!

Sending you warm thoughts~


  1. What a great idea, I will give books to the school in honor of the kids teachers! Love it!