December 30, 2010

Peter Rabbit's Coat

Kids Preferred The World of Beatrix Potter Collectible Peter Rabbit
The weather has dominated the headlines across the country this week as snow blanketed parts that had not experienced a white Christmas in over a hundred years, while others dealt with crippling conditions created by the blizzard.  Even PDub's neck of the woods saw some snowfall, but he slept through it.  That is probably for the best.  PDub does not like to wear a coat.  No, he HATES coats.  Put one on him and he will pitch a fit and take it off.  What he WILL do is carry one.  Since carrying it does little to keep him warm, he generally runs from the car to the door to get inside.  Come to think of it though, he pretty much runs everywhere he goes.  One cold morning as he got out of the car and ran to his school door with his coat in his arms, he stopped abruptly and yelled to Mama at Law, "My sock broke!"  Ever see a broken sock?  Sure enough, when he got inside, he sat down, took off his shoes, and showed his mommy the sock that had slipped off his ankle and landed under his foot.  Got to hate when that happens.  Well, it seems that Mama at Law was able to trick PDub into wearing his coat.  He now has Daddy at Law's hand-me-down pea coat.  You know, the one that looks like Peter Rabbit's coat.  "PDUB! Want to wear Peter Rabbit's coat today?!"

Yeah, Sure!

Stay warm~

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