November 27, 2011

Thanks for the Memories!

It's been a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving holiday and the house is much too quiet now that everyone has headed home.

Last minute changes meant that Mama Cat and Jaybird could spend Thanksgiving with us!  Papallama and I were excited to get some time with Baby Bird who is changing every single day!  He is sitting and cooing and grabbing and much activity for one little guy!  Mama at Law and her family have in laws close by, so we were all comfortable and had enough 'space' physically and mentally.

When we gather at our Thanksgiving table, we share what we are thankful each year.  (Family and health are givens, so everyone must think of something else.)  While PDub is thankful for jump castles, Papallama is thankful for shared memories.  He explained how shared memories connect us as a family.  See why he is our 'Llama'?

We sure added some memories to the book this year.

Mama Cat brought tons of snacks and kept the table full of goodies for us.  My favorites were the little acorns made from Hershey kisses and Nutter Butters.  I knew they were cute, but also yummy, too, oh my...glad they are all gone from my reach now!

Mama at Law was given a reprieve from cooking this year since just being here eight months pregnant is enough.  Plus, she is starting a new law firm, so her 'plate' was already full, so to speak.  It was fun to watch some of the plans come together 'virtually' as she and her partner shopped via email and MMS.  Can't wait to see it soon! 

The boys set up the turkey fry camp complete with satellite TV and a jumperoo for the youngest boy.  They cooked THE perfect turkey once again. 

Mama Cat and I braved Black Friday and had fun shopping for decorations and gifts.  A marathon wrapping session followed and I sent her home with a sleigh full of presents to put under one of her two Christmas trees.  Can't wait to see her retro Christmas this year!

PDub was a wonderful big cousin to Baby Bird who was enthralled with him.  He is going to be a great big brother!  Baby Bird won't be much longer in being able to follow him around.  He is sitting up and creeping all around the crib. 

On Saturday, Mama Cat and Jaybird headed home while Mama and Daddy at Law joined us for an afternoon of tailgating at the Palmetto Bowl.  While we pull for different teams, we are not divided in our loyalty to each other.  While my team got the win this year, the best part of the day was being there with them.

So overall, it was a wonderful, fullfilling holiday and like the other team is saying today...

~Wait until next year!

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  1. Once again I'm envious of the family photo! We can't seem to hem everyone up in one place.