December 2, 2011

He's Coming to Town!

No, not Santa.  PDub!  But in a way, he's bringing Christmas with him.

Being three this year, it's like PDub is seeing Christmas for the first time all over again.  When he got home from Thanksgiving, his mama read The Elf on the Shelf book to him and "Diesel", the elf, made a reappearance in his home.  PDub was awestruck.  The first person he looked for the next morning was Diesel, and he laughed with glee when he discovered him peeking out from behind the blinds.  For him, the magic of elves is real. 

For Grammy, though, this is already starting out to be a less than jolly season.  Shopping in stores with knickknacky signs that talk about mothers and daughters, not racking my brain over what to get Lib and Evelyn, and missing my phone calls and visits with Mom is taking its toll. 

So I am really looking forward to some Christmas spirit this weekend!  Thank you, God, for sending him (and Him) to me to remind me that your love is not only magic...

It's real.

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