September 12, 2011

See Rock City

When I was a little girl headed to church camp in the mountains, I vividly remember seeing the barn roofs in the valleys painted black with big white letters...SEE ROCK CITY...or SEE SEVEN STATES.  I always wanted to visit this magical place, but its location remained a mystery to me until this past Saturday. 

Rock City, it turns out, is part of the charm of Chattanooga, TN, and close enough to Baby Bird's nest to check out!  Here are a few helpful tips in case you decide to go see it for yourself.

No strollers are allowed.  You'll understand why as you read on. 

Come on, Mama Cat.  You carried him for nine months.  How hard can it be?

Hydrate yourself.  Walking is involved. And a cap and suncreen are advised.

They don't call it Rock City for nothing.

Be prepared to squeeze through some tight places,

or cross over high and narrow walkways...

or swinging bridges.

Your reward will be to see fantastic fauna and mountain scenery,  or view seven states if the skies are clear.

Papallama takes a count.

But most of all, you will love spending time in the fresh, autumn air with the ones you love.


1 comment:

  1. Never been to Rock City. Looks like maybe we should. I thought Baby Bird looked just like his mama, but now that I see his dad's photo, he looks just like him too!