July 22, 2011

Are We There Yet?!!

We are blessed that our daughters and their husbands and the grandsons are willing and able to join us for vacation at the beach this year.  We have visited Kiawah Island for many, many years and we have always left with anticipation for the next year.  It's that much fun! The girls have grown up with summer vacations there with high school friends, college buddies, boyfriends, and now husbands.  AND the grandsons!  I am so excited to spend the time with everyone and watch PDub enjoy a whole week with the beach at his beck and call.  He is already a junior surfer dude who loves to troll the beach for new friends.  Baby Bird will be spoiled by his Auntie Mama at Law who will meet him in person for the first time, and hopefully, Mama Cat can get some rest. She and Jaybird will also be checking in with old friends who they haven't seen since the move, while Mama at Law and Daddy at Law avoid the city altogether.

By the look on Mama Cat's face, you would think she was being told that next year she would bring her own baby!  She didn't have a clue!
We have many traditions on our vacation.  One is that we take turns preparing dinners.  Mama Cat and Papallama tend to be the most creative.  Mama Cat tries out new recipes on us and is a fabulous cook. Papallama goes all out with a Louisiana meal that he has been presenting for several years.  Red beans and rice, gumbo, jambalaya, beinets, hurricanes...oh yeah, no biking is allowed on the night he cooks.  Speaking of which, biking is another fun tradition.  Kiawah has trails throughout the island and we have literally gone on day long treks.  Don't know if we'll be doing that in this heat though. Then there are books in all our hands, even PDub's, and a community puzzle that is usually finished in a marathon session the last evening there.  This year is a 3000 piece number.  I may have been too ambitious. 

Last, but not least, are the photo sessions, loved by the women and dreaded by the guys. Gotta have 'em though!

Don't take beach pictures on the beach.  Too much sand, wind, and sun!

See how much they love having their picture made?

Completely out of control
This year, we have a 'professional' coming to capture the moment.  We'll see if she can control the guys any better!
~Surf's up!

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  1. We've never been to Kiawah. But I'm thinking we should. Looks like we've been missing out.