July 16, 2011


Today I am sorting and sifting through thirty plus years accumulation of jewelry from my mom.  It's a girl's dream come true. 

Mom was bitten by the antique bug in the 1960's, so in addition to her love for jewelry in general, is a mix of vintage pieces she would buy from her trips to different treasure troves.  And by vintage, I have learned that that term includes jewelry from the 70's.  Not the 1870's, my friend, the 1970's.  That's right.  Are you vintage, like me? 
To sort the jewelry, I am accompanied by a magnet to test for gold (not magnetic) and a magnifying glass to read the silver label or costume signature.  I am getting an education in this field of antiquity as I go.  I place each piece into its own bag and label it with any notes I need to make, so that its new owner will have a place to start in determining its value or use.

I have purchased and almost used at least 1000 bags so far.  It has been a great adventure and I only wish Mom were here to enjoy seeing these again.  I have discovered her intelligence in knowing what she was buying, her eye for beauty in the lovely pieces I have picked up to admire, and her appreciation for the whimsical in the funny little pins of clowns, owls, frogs, and smiley faces, that are included right along with the 'good' stuff. 

Like books, I believe jewelry should be used, not shelved and tucked away, so most of this will be passed along to the next generation.  One piece I did find that I think I will keep is this peach pin.  Born in Atlanta, my parents referred to me as a Georgia peach.  I imagine that had something to do with why Mom bought it. 

And speaking of births!  There's another grand on the way in late '11 or early '12, depending on doctor's holiday schedule.  I even know what the baby will be...but the word is still getting around to family, especially Mama Cat, so I'll save that till next time.  Or you can just check Facebook, the telegraph of this generation.
Until then,

~I hope life's peachy~

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  1. Waiting to see you on Antique Roadshow one day saying, "You said it's worth HOW much???"