January 29, 2012

Bringing Up Boys who Read

As a former teacher, I heard lots of Moms tell me their sons just didn't like to read. I always enjoyed the challenge of finding that 'just right' book for the reluctant reader. But as a Grammy, I couldn't help but be concerned that maybe this was a 'boy' thing and that MY boys would not like to read either. So it's been a mission of mine to make sure that books are at their fingertips and that there's usually something new or even a golden oldie to enjoy.
Baby Bird reads during a diaper change.
Yeah, it was going to take a while to change this one.
It turns out that my daughters were way ahead of me.  Walk into my grandsons' rooms and you will instantly spy books, books,books. Books left in mid sentence, favorite books by the bed waiting to be read for the umpteenth time, a supply of books in the waiting on the bookshelf...yes, there is no shortage of books. Since before they were born, books have been there as part of their everyday lives.
Mama at Law took PDub to preschool one morning recently, and as she was leaving, she heard him talking and talking. So much so that she turned around to take a peek into his classroom. There was P reading a book. Looking over his shoulder were some of the other little boys listening intently to the story. This makes me not only proud, but hopeful. I believe that my grandsons will grow up always loving books. Yes, they will love playing video games, watching movies, playing outside, and hopefully some art and music in the mix.  But the one constant (besides my love, of course) will be the company of a good book.

"You cannot open a book without learning something."

"You cannot raise a decent boy without books."

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