January 8, 2012

Active Duty

2012 has started with great jubilation in our family.  On New Year's Day, Baby Bird was christened with friends and family looking on in delight.  When there was applause, he studied us for a second, and then broke out in the sweetest grin. He is going to be an entertainer, for sure.  I loved the homily given by Jaybird's and Mama Cat's friend.  He talked about the importance of names, specifically the name given to Jesus.  He used Baby Bird as an example, too, and it was touching to think about the "original" for whom he and his daddy and grandfather are named.  Consistency, faithfulness, family values...virtues that are being passed on from generation to generation thanks to the examples set by him. 

Then, two days later, Mama at Law and Daddy at Law welcomed PDub's baby brother.  He bounded in at 8 pounds and 7 ounces, ready to take on the world.  PDub and I spent the week together trying to stay on schedule while Mama at Law recuperated at the hospital.  I found a book that PDub loved that is simple but to the point and very helpful for a new brother.  I'm a Big Brother, by Joanna Cole, is the perfect length and comprehension level for a three and half year old.  PDub had to read it at least once every day, and Mama at Law says he now reads it to her. 

I came back to touch base with Papallama and spend a few nights in my own bed, but I will be headed back to spend some time with the Baby P and PDub this week.  While Grammy duty commences, I leave you with the newest pictures I have.  You can be sure that more will follow. 

PDub and Baby P

Baby Bird (who is now sporting his first tooth)
Happy 2012! 

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