April 11, 2011

Under Construction

Who doesn't have fond memories of playing in the sand box when they were little?  It is one more sign that spring and summer are back!  My daddy used to have a truck deliver wonderful clean sand right to the back yard sandbox frame.  (Why a truck? No such thing as Walmart back in the day, and he would have never guessed that one day you would buy sand in a bag.) Nothing beat that fresh sand. 

We thought a sandbox would be great entertainment for PDub, too!  We purchased an under the bed storage bin with a top, some bags of sand, and a set of Caterpillar trucks and tractors.  Total? Less than $20.  It turned out we could have saved a few dollars because the bin only held one bag of sand, but who can't use sand around the yard to fill in holes.

It was a huge hit!  He spent hours playing with tiny dinosaurs or trucks or both!  Being on the porch provided a safe, cool, and dry place to play just about any time of day.

Oh, I still love that wonderful cool damp sand.  Thanks, PDub, for taking me back...

Still diggin' it~

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  1. wonderful Idea. and i want to give my son all opportunities. When i was young were brought up in the caribbean so we had no problem to go outdoors for sand play but with my son in the winter months i have been wondering what to do for sand play. I love your idea. It is simple, inexpensive and feasible. Thank you.