March 30, 2011

In Memory of Lib

I know my blogs have been sad of late, but that is life, my dear friends.  If you love, you will hurt.  If you love, you will one day suffer loss.  I am sad, but I am grateful.  I cry, and yet I smile.  Sort of like the sun shining when it's raining.  I know the two don't go together, but yet they do.  Had I not had the love and support of this wonderful woman for so many years, I could have been spared this pain.  I would much rather hurt.  So here is a post I wrote in November.  Spring is showing me a promise that sunnier, happier days are ahead.  But for now, I am going to allow myself to just be sad and miss someone who was dear and special and will never be replaced.  We will laugh and the sun will shine--another day, another time.

In memory of Lib~ 11-10-1920 to 3-30-2011

The Other Mother

~God Bless

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