March 28, 2011


My price tag was high
   but I was worth every penny.
You won me at auction;
   the bids~there were many.

"Take him back," you begged
   the man with the gavel.
"No, he's yours to keep now.
All bids here are final."

My big brown eyes melted your heart.
I had you at "SOLD!"
You knew from the start.

I was bred for the hunt,
webbed toes for swimming.
I grew strong and handsome,
a dog made for winning.

We made quite a pair
just you and me.
Then along came a wee one,
My buddy P.

I looked after him.
As I watched over you.
You looked after me.
But I just had to go.

I was made for the hunt.
I was made to fetch.
I was made to run far.
I dreamed of the catch.

I loved you royaly.
You loved me well.
I will always be your Beau
and you my belle.

RIP Beau 3-28-2011

I will miss you, too.


  1. Judy! Oh no! It's been a rough few months for you. I'm so sorry. I'm sending you some virtual ((hugs.))

  2. I know. My blog has become depressing. Better days are ahead!