February 21, 2011

Grammy Mobile

Three years ago, I was driving my dream car.  I had finally arrived.  I was at the pinnacle of my earnings potential, had no children to cart around, or worse, teens to ding and dent my car.  Yes, I could have just about any car I chose.  (well, almost)

I chose a beautiful Solara convertible.  V6 ~ alloy wheels ~ leather seats ~ 6CD/Satellite ready stereo ~  power EVERYTHING!  With one push of a button, the top would open up to the blue sky and fold neatly down in the back.  It was the kind of car that drew the attention and admiration of complete strangers.  Knowing that it was a mid-life crisis kind of car, I chose to lease it.  I had never leased before, but I knew I wouldn't be putting too many miles on it, and there were not going to be many underage passengers to mess up the interior.

Then came the wonderful news that I was becoming a Grammy and with the end of the lease coming due, I said farewell to my sleek beauty. 

In its place, I bought a very sensible Honda Accord.  It was safe, reliable, economical.  Three adjectives that I could use to describe myself and now, my car.  Owning a Honda Accord does not alone qualify it as a Grammy car.  No, it must be Grammy pimped first.  Add the following:  Lint brush roller, cash for emergencies, a phone book, a GPS, a roll of paper towels, an umbrella, grocery bags, trash bags, hand sanitizer, flashlight, extra sunglasses, chapstick, and a first aid kit.  MOST importantly, and this is the DEAD giveaway that you have fully equipped Grammy mobile, place a box of Kleenex either in the console or under the front seat.  Do not get caught without it! 

Now, lest you think that driving a Grammy mobile makes me slow, I think you should know that Grammy mobiles are great camouflage.  No patrolman in his right mind would spend his time picking me out of the crowd of potential speeders. 

~Zoom, zoom, zoom...

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