November 1, 2010

Shark Bait, Ooh Ha Ha!

Nemo, played by PDub
I vividly remember Halloween as a little girl growing up in a small town in the *cough* 60's.  I  pulled my costume together at about five o'clock Halloween day with some old jewelry, handerchiefs, scarves, and if I  had planned ahead, a plain mask over my eyes. You can't tell what I am?!!  Why, a gypsy, of course!  I would tag behind my big brothers, who were either Dracula or ghosts, until I had made the rounds at the local houses.  Then my dad would take me to his secretary's house.  She always made delicious candied popcorn balls, guaranteed to pull out at least one filling, but worth the trip to the dentist.  Halloween took two hours~ tops.

I would say things have changed just a little.  Today's costumes are elaborate Oscar worthy designs. Halloween doesn't just occur on one night.  There's the school party, the church party, the neighborhood bash, and the community haunted houses.  I think it's all great fun, but it does make me wonder how it will look in forty more years.  Oh, and I do intend to be around to see for myself!

So here is the recap of PDub's Halloween.  Many thanks to Mama at Law for the pictures and the title for today's post.

It ain't fun to trick er treat without yo pawdner! Here's PDub with his BFF, Deputy Hunter.  And speaking of partners, that pretty girl in the door is PDub's Partner in Crime.  She helps him score some big Halloween loot every year!  And yes that is a shark bag he is carrying; my one contribution to the wardrobe.

And they're off!
Be afraid, be very afraid!

Now gaze into my crystal ball...the future is looking verrrrrrrry interesting!!!!!

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  1. okay, WHERE did PDub get that Nemo costume??? It's so, so cute! Ms. Abby (aka Noodle) might need to be a fish next year. And Ben (Baby Bee) could be the shark! It would serve her right for tormenting him. ;0)