October 11, 2010

This is the book, My PDub got Hooked!

Such a Silly Baby!

When Mama at Law was expecting PDub, his Aunt Cat gave me a book for Mother's Day congratulating me on Grammyhood.  Now when PDub visits, he always sorts through the book basket and finds this book.  I can't give it a better endorsement than that!  And it just goes to show that books are a wonderful gift to expectant mommies and grammies!
Such a Silly Baby  is a rollicking rhyming tale of a hapless mommy who can't seem to go anywhere without having a hitch and getting baby switched!  He gets switched with the chimpanzee at the zoo, with the dancing bear at the circus, with a lazy sow at the farm, and with a buffalo at the Wild West show. Then, when she finally gets the child home for a nap, all the animals follow. What is it that PDub loves?  The animal sounds!  "Oo-oo-ee-ee! He got switched with a chimpanzee!" Each switch builds on the other.  "Grrrr Grrrr, Oo-oo ee-ee!"  Exercise your lungs while reading this one as the sounds continue to string together.  Add to the sounds, the colorful pictures, and you have such a silly book that no toddler will be able to resist it!
Thanks, Aunt Cat!  Oh, and by the way, with PDub, there was no hitch.  He didn't get switched!  Take one look at him, and you will agree...

Daddy at Law looks just like P!

~Such a silly... 

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