October 5, 2010

I've Been Working on the Railroad

Chugga Chugga Choo ChooAll aboard!  The train is leaving the station!  PDub was here for a visit with Grammy and Papallama, and Grammy got to take not one, but two terrific train trips!  The first was on Saturday at our town's Squealin on the Square.  (That's a smokin' hot BBQ competition and festival.)  The festival featured among other things, Thomas the Train.  Grammy and PDub took the trip with Thomas down the street and back.  Twice.  We waved at the pedestrians and Papallama.  Twice.

After deboarding, we used some of our 'que-pons' to buy PDub time on the bouncy rides.  At first, he was not sure what to do in the bouncy house until a bigger boy arrived on the scene, jumped in the house, and began to do Olympic flips before our very eyes.  PDub flashed his famous grin and joined in the bounciness.  Just when I thought he was ready to exit, he would make like Tigger, and turn tail and bounce away.  "Oh, he's going to take a big nap after all this," thought foolish Grammy.
Next was the giant slide.  Again, he had to watch once or twice.  Then he was off to the races!  From the flailing that occurred when we took him off, I gathered this was his favorite of all.  Move over, Thomas.

The rest of the festival sort of fizzled from a two year old's perspective.  Only a balloon from a local dance shop made the walk around the Square worth the trip.

And the nap? It never happened.  Papallama took PDub upstairs and read him some stories.  "Read some books to me," suggested Papallama.  PDub obliged until....zzzzzzzz....Papallama was fast asleep.....zzzzzzzz.
WAKE UP! yelled PDub.

The Goodnight TrainThe next train trip happened the very next day at a very nice park in a nearby town.  The whole family got in on this one. This little train runs on actual tracks, goes over a wooden train trestle and under a covered bridge.  It was a hoot.  Or maybe I should say, a toot!

PDub played some more on the playground right there next to the depot and impressed us all with his jumping skills and fearlessness.

And most of all, with his ability to do it all without a nap.  Now, excuse me, please.  I am needing mine.


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  1. Sounds like you all had a great time. We love trains,
    they are so much fun, we will take a train trip through the Rockies in the next year or so! The kids will have a blast!