July 14, 2010

It Won't Be Like This For Long

As you know, PDub just celebrated the BIG 0-2.  His excited mama at law took him to his new class at daycare this week.  He had outgrown his other class and was missing his older buddies.  His mama was eager for him to try new things and enjoy all the summer activities planned for the two year olds.  So this was a big day for PDub and here's how it went.

Mama at Law set the stage on the ride there.  She told him he would be seeing his friends.  He smiled and laughed at that.  Then he told her he would be seeing his teachers. You got it, the ones in the 'under two' room.  "Noooo," cautioned Mama at Law.  And she reminded him who his new teacher would be.

They walked in together and PDub got busy right away showing Mama at Law all the new toys in this classroom.  Mama at Law noticed all the potties.  Hmmm, yeah, that is something he will be tackling now that he is in this room.  (Should provide some good material down the road.)

When she thought he was occupied in his play, Mama at Law began to slip away.  Mamas, you are not very good slip-awayers.  Children have a radar detector/GPS thing that lets them know when they are about to be dumped.  Sure enough, as she went out the door, the screaming commenced.  Having been through this before, Mama at Law calmed herself and bolted walked to her car.  At work, she worried about her little boy until a text arrived from a staff member. It said PDub was grinning ear to ear because his class was with The Music Man singing songs and playing instruments.  PDub loves music!  Alleluia!

The teacher met Mama at Law at the door when she picked him.  "Hasn't stopped playing all day!" she reported.  Literally.  No breakfast, no lunch, no nap.  Seems PDub was just too excited to stop.  Maybe he thought this was his only shot.  Maybe we would get more done if we all approached our days like that. 

On the way home, PDub passed out.  Yeah...that was some day! 

I asked Mama at Law if he was better about her leaving him in the morning now.  And she said he was, "a little."  But she's been through this before.  She told me she thinks about Darius Rucker's song at times like these.  So I gave it another listen, and I want you to listen closely, too.  See,  I enjoy all these moments I have with PDub now.  He won't play with his Grammy forever.  One day, he won't let me put him to sleep or give him a bath or take him for walks. 

I'm going to be like PDub and go nonstop for as long as I can.  As they say, Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Make it count.


  1. Yep. It flies by. My second girl just graduated from high school, and my son shrugs off my hugs. That's a great song.

  2. I'm telling you...tears when I hear that song...and think about how quickly they (we) grow up! :) Loved this blog.