July 23, 2010

Field!! Trip!!

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When I was a student, I loved field trips!  When I was a teacher, I loved field trips!  Now that I'm Grammy, guess what?  I love field trips!  To me a field trip takes you somewhere new, very interesting, usually educational, and with a group!  So I think my first trip to the Children's Museum of the Upstate with PDub, Mama at Law, and Papallama definitely qualified as a field trip. 

Right now, if I were not sitting here typing, I would stand up and give the museum a big round of applause.  It was AH~MAY~ZING!! 

Start your engines!
From the moment we entered the door, we were spellbound.  We paid our admission and were given 'bracelets' with a bar code that matched us to PDub.  Without matching barcodes and our child, we would not be able to exit.  PDub was not crazy about the way it felt on his wrist, but it was durable enough to withstand his tugs and later, his water escapades.  Museum policy requires one adult for every five children.  (Wonder how many adults one child can bring? )

Where to start?  Oh my! The museum was three stories of adventure and exploration. We started in the race car exhibit.  He could sit in a pretend race car or be part of its pit crew.  Or he could race wooden cars down a ramp and change their course by adding different tracks.

Wind, an Invisible Force
 We moved on to one of his favorite areas. The Power of Wind.  PDub spent a long time in the activities using wind.  He played experimented with wind socks and tried his hand at flying a plane.  He fed balls into chutes and watched them get blown through a giant maze of clear tubes.

One exhibit is an entire grocery store complete with buggies and check out registers for children to play shop.  Preston filled his buggy with all the onions.  
Good thing he has a little mama!

Heads up!
PDub was mostly interested in the action, climbing, noise making exhibits.  Take for example, the recycling truck.  It made a sound like it was cranking up and he was driving it.  It even had a horn he could blow.  Or the construction site, definitely a hard hat area.

Somebody is gonna get wet...
And what would a children's museum be without water?  This museum had an entire complex of water activiites modeled after a local river.  There was a bubble hood that kids could climb into and look up at the water without getting wet.  It blew PDub's mind and he wouldn't get completely in it, even with Mama at Law.

You might think it would be hard to keep up with a child in such a big and busy environment.

My Co-Pilot

 It was. . . I lost Papallama more than once.  He said all those kids were getting in his way.

Can Papallama have a turn?
That kid...



  1. Papallama looks awfully cute with that diaper bag, doesnt he? :)

  2. Hahaha...he liked this place. I think he is enjoying having a little one to take to cool places again.

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all!


  4. We just went today and had an absolutely wonderful time!! I wish there was something like this in Asheville!