June 14, 2010

P Dub's Water Mis~Adventure

Mama at Law put down her phone and looked at P Dub with a twinkle in her eye.
  "Want to go put on your swimsuit, so you can play in the water today?!"
  "YES!" PDub exclaimed, as he scrambled upstairs to change out of his school clothes. And as he rode with Mama at Law in the car, he dreamed of this.

A Sailor's Life for Me
  "Boat!" He announced to Mama at Law, too excited to keep his thoughts to himself.
  "No," cautioned Mama, "we're not going on the boat today."

But that was okay because P Dub dreamed of this instead.

My New Beach Toys

What happened next came as a big shock to P Dub.  The car stopped here.


  "NOOOOO!" wailed PDub. 
  "It's Water Day!" explained his Mama. "Your teacher sent me a text to remind me this morning."
  "Nooooooo!" he protested.  And his heart sank as she walked him inside.

Later that day, he watched as the other children ran around in the sprinklers.  "Hmmph, no fun," he thought. "and no thanks, not for me."  But Ms. Teach had other ideas.  She scooped him up and soaked him!! What?!! He was drenched!!

"Woo hoo! This IS fun! Water! Water! Water!" he sang as he ran around in circles.  Until


He ran into the wall.  Uh oh,  better learn to wipe the water from out of your eyes, PDub!

And since adventures need a happy ending, here is how PDub spent the next day with his Mama at Law and Aunt Cat.

Meeting a New Friend
~No crabs were harmed in the making of this blog.~

Splish! Splash!


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  1. awe - poor boy! Glad he ended up having fun and getting to the beach the next day!

    Visiting from SITS