May 7, 2010

Back Seat Reader

Okay, if you are prone to carsickness, please. look. away.  This post may cause queasiness.
Everyone else, check out what my PDub is doing in the back seat on the way to school!

PDub at 15 months

My husband can not read in a car.  He can not watch me read in the car.  I, on the other hand, like to read to help pass the time, so I have no clue what his problem is. 

I love this picture of PDub enjoying a book I sent at Halloween.  And look at that grin!  He gets it!  The illustrator would be so pleased to see the message conveyed by their work was received loud and clear. 

Reading can be any place. Keep books within your child's reach.  Mom at law told me she moved the books close to the crib, and that PDub had reached over, selected one, and was happily reading to himself in bed this week.  Just as she had planned! Such a smart mommy!
The Potty Book - For Boys

I say keep books everywhere!  Tub books for the bath, books by the potty, books in the kitchen, upstairs and downstairs, in the car.  We have taken long trips listening to Disney books on tape and singing the songs.  Books are wonderful companions.

Look around.  Can you touch a book? 

Just saying,


P.S. Do follow the blog.  A book giveaway is planned as a celebration of the new blog!


  1. We have books everywhere too. JDaniel loves to look at books in the car.

  2. Preston loooves tub books. He actually wants to bring regular books INTO the tub, too!