April 23, 2010

Books That Make Sense

These precious feet have miles to go!
One of my favorite books I read to my daughters as babies was Pat the Bunny .  It was a given as a gift by my sister-in-law because my nephew loved it.  So this book is a real baby pleaser.
Babies learn so much by touching (and yeah, mouthing) everything, so touch and feel books are wonderful for this age. Sensory integration is developing and these books that use the senses are a great addition to the library.

When I babysat PDub, I would touch different textures to his fingers, palms, and feet.  Touch and Feel books give you a natural way of interacting in this way. 
As he grew, he could begin to reach and touch for himself and even learned to play peek-a-boo.  That was a happy day!
Where's P?

Peek-A Who?
This is one of PDub's
very favorites!  Almost anyone who picks
it up to read it to him enjoys it, too!
Don't toss the books too quickly as your baby grows.  These books can teach other lessons later.

Here's a few for starters:

Now find a comfy spot, snuggle up close, and yes, you guessed it, read!



  1. Stopping by from SITS - great post. I agree that reading is so vital to a child's growth and I would even argue their sense of security in life. There's something so comforting and rewarding about snuggling up with your child and watching them light up when you read to them. Instill a love a reading from a young age!

  2. Pat the Bunny is a great book. I'm planning on putting together a presentation on books that have influenced me, and this one will definitely make the list.

  3. What a fun blog. I never thought of grandmas and the books for kids. Very innovative.

  4. Wow...Pat the Bunny! I read that one to my nephew who is now 17 and all three of my girls! They had a Pat the Bunny stroller bar toy and everything! Great blog...love the reading picks! Thanks for visiting me and commenting! All three of my girls are avid readers and I'm thankful for that! My 12 yo finished Pride and Prejudice for the 8th time this year...it's her fave! I wrote a children's book a few years ago and haven't done anything with it...not sure what to do? I never really considered myself a 'writer', so didn't think it would do well...maybe I should re-think that. I'll be visiting often! Put you in my taskbar for easy returns! www.spoonful-of-sugar.com