April 14, 2010

Baby's Out!

How can someone that small be so loud?!?
"Baby's out!" the nurse tech proclaimed like a towncrier.  I didn't need an announcement though.  PDub, our first grand, made his presence known loud and clear to all.  Not much has changed in the twenty-one months since.  Except maybe this.  I never knew I could love someone else's child so much.

As a teacher, I had the pleasure of reading lots and lots of children's books.  It was one of the best parts of the job.  Now I want to make sure that my grand (and the new arrivals to come) appreciates the wonders of books.  I know PDub's mom does.  I had to beg her to come out of her room whenever she got a new Babysitters' Club book in her hand.  She still loves to read.  Even law school couldn't ruin her love of books. 
This blog is to share the books that I discover as a new grammy.  I am still finding new ones, and I will throw in some oldies, but goodies along the way.  If you love your grands, your children, or just books in general, I hope you join us on our journey.   There will be lots of mysterious twists and hilarious turns, high adventure, and sweet memories made along the way.

Let's get started!



  1. I love books! I was a school librarian and miss seeing all the new titles and reading my favorites to the kids. Oh, I can be your first follower!!!

  2. AND Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! (I'm so glad my comment was under yours because I didn't know about your NEW blog!)

  3. Hello! Stopping in from SITS and now your new follower :) Grandmas are the BEST for reading - i am always on the hunt for great books for my mom to read to my kids

    Devan @ Accustomed Chaos

  4. We read many times a day! There is so much to learn and talk about as you read a book. Stopping from SITS!

  5. Oh, what a great blog this will be. I love reading and so do my children.

    Hugs and Mocha,