August 9, 2012

I'm on Island Time

There is an oak lined moss draped road that lulls me in and takes me to another dimension.  Let's just call it Island Time.  For years, Papallama and I would leave our hectic, stressful life and splurge on a week at the end of this road.  By the time we arrived with the girls in tow, we had already forgotten our cares and were ready to play and relax.  There must be something in that moss. 

I might have dared to dream about actually living there one day, but I never gave it serious consideration.  I felt really lucky if I made it back each summer.

So now I feel like someone needs to pinch me, because I am going to own my own island retreat in just a few days from now!  How?  Thank the housing bust, low interest rates, and well, Providence. 

Because buying a house and moving 'stuff' into it are monopolizing my time, this blog will have to wait for a few more weeks.  There is a great book store on the Island, so I will be doing my homework.  But until then

I'm on Island Time~

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