February 23, 2012

Grammy Sews

There's a reason this blog is not titled Grammy Sews. My sewing machine sits idle most of the year(s).  But now that I have completed several major assignments, I find myself in the perfect lull to start a sewing project.  When the girls were small, I enjoyed making little dresses for them.  Some were fancy, but the ones I liked the most were the simple ones that I could throw together quickly and that they seemed to enjoy wearing, like the Strawberry Shortcake dress that Mama at Law loved, or the smocked kittens overalls that Mama Cat toddled around in. 

Made this for Mama at Law when she was three. Piping and embroidery?  When did I have that kind of time?

Now if you looked at my sewing close up, you'd understand that my outfits are best suited for children. I am no tailor.  And that's okay. 

I have started a John John for Baby Bird.  Mama Cat really likes this type of outfit for her little boy.  I hope to do a couple for P Buddy, too, before he's too big for his parents to turn their nose up at it.  A John John can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.  I am starting (I hope) fairly simple.  This will be a reversible gingham one, sans piping or smocking.  The most complicated part will likely be the snap crotch.

In the midst of this project, I have already hit several snags.  My machine is not happy about its lack of attention and is making me pay with poor tension, bobbin issues, and a broken foot pedal.  The directions for the John John leave much to be desired, but I am finding some good help via the Internet.  My frustrations reminded me of the days in my classroom when students would become upset over learning a new skill.  Tears, tension, fear...all a normal part of the learning process.  It was learning at its best.  You see, the best times teaching were not the ones where everything went smoothly and all were happy.  The best ones were the days when just as a student was on the brink of giving up, it 'clicked', and the challenge that seemed unsurmountable became possible.  That's kinda where I am with my sewing again.  But just as I knew the student was going to get there, I remind myself that I will, too.  If there are frustrations as I go, it only serves to make me grow.

Yeah, Grammy is still growing.  Hope you are, too.

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished project. My sewing machine is a little dusty, too. Pity, since I have the perfect little person to sew for.